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pimpmyrotation's Journal

The Rotation Promotion Community
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All Members , Moderated

And welcome to pimpmyrotation, a community dedicated to listing and advertising all your music rotation needs. Whilst our main focus is J-Rock, we will be happy to list your other rotations and communities in various languages, so it can be a true one-stop shop for any fan of music. You can also advertise updates on your journal/community.

For people who don't have rotation journals, this will be a good community to find new rotations with things you're interested in as well as keep track of updates. ♥

The rules are simple...add us and we'll add you. But we have to see that you've added us first. Please post a comment on THIS entry stating your community's/journal's username, privacy settings(friend's only or public), and primary language featured(for anyone confused, this isn't to say that multi-languaged rotations are discouraged. For the purpose of documentation, we'd like to know the language the majority of songs featured are in).

Incidentally, the directory is being set up, if you're curious of who's joined thus far and how it'll work.

Also, if you'd like to be listed with a banner, be my guest :D

projection {choU / creator} - mjolka
uvrism {Lyssa / moral support} - ze_quirkism
itsumo_ame {Kitsu / rotation updates} -zatsuon_din


[We're also accepting affiliations with communities that are mostly for spare files, not necessarily rotations. Yeah...that sounds weird. If you're confused, IM Lyssa at ze bubonik tart and she'll explain when she's not braindead....hopefully :D]

That's pretty much it. Our contact information can be found within our personal journals listed above, so feel free to poke us whenever.

Speaking of pimpin, pimp us with a pimpin banner. (This was for a contest for saying Pimp so many times in one sentence....no, really)